Orlando FL Near
Orlando FL Near

Orlando, FL

Orlando has always attracted me, and it is the most visited destination in the United States. Millions of tourists come to Orlando every year since it has more parks and entertainment places than anywhere in the world. Exploring it requires planning if you want to do more than just to visit parks. International Drive is the main avenue in downtown Orlando and on its beginning, you can find great shopping locations like Orlando Premium International Outlets which is a fantastic shopping location with about 200 stores. “The Mall of Millennia” is one of the biggest malls of Orlando. It is a huge mall do visit it whenever you come to Orlando.

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Puerto Ricans in Central Florida Sound Off on Statehood Bill


She said the congressman plans to cosponsor Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2019 once Congress is back in session. It is the second time in seven years a bill was introduced to give Puerto Rico statehood. Evelyn Robles was born in New York, and at the age of 11 her family moved to Puerto Rico. That’s where she’s lived until Hurricane Maria forced her out. “The people are trying to live,” Robles said. “The word is survival. That’s what it is.” Read more here
According to spectrum news, a bill is expected to pass which will recognize Puerto Rico as the 51st state of the United States. Congressman has planned to co-sponsor this bill as soon as Congress comes back in session. The bill is being passed the second time in seven years. Some are in favor of it, and some are not. Those in favor want to give the rights of State to Puerto Rico and those who do not believe that they will not be able to enjoy the same facilities once Puerto Rico is recognized as a state, so I hope whatever will be best for Puerto Rico and its people should triumph.


Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, FL

Universal Orlando Studios is another tourist attraction in Orlando. It is one of the two theme parks of Universal Orlando Resort. It is an entertainment place. The park basically gives you a ride of movies. The park treats you like a star, and you feel one jaw-dropping experience after the other like protecting the earth, escaping villains and fighting fire-breathing dragons. Whenever I visit the park, I feel that I have entered an animated world so I must visit Universal Studios Florida located at Universal Orlando Resort whenever you visit Orlando. You will definitely love the place.

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